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Patient education –

I believe at the heart of every successful treatment lies an open and honest therapeutic alliance
between the patient and the medical team.

To this end we strive to arrive at a mutual understanding of all patients wants and needs and an
appropriate description of the disease or injury and its potential treatment options.

Spine Surgery –

Modern Spinal surgery aims to alleviate pain and neurologic dysfunction with the least invasive and
painful methods necessary. Tissue is removed and reconstructed with minimal collateral damage to
nearby normal structures by microscopic and minimally invasive techniques.

Non-operative care –

In up to 9 out of 10 new case I see, patients are capable of reducing their symptoms to a manageable level by 1. Gaining an understanding of their disease or injury and its likely natural course 2. Instituting some dietary and lifestyle modifications.

We utilise a number of local manual therapists, personal trainers and pain management specialists before resorting to long term medications or surgical intervention.

Whilst I have an interest in diet and exercise I am by no means an expert and rely on a referral network or suitably qualified experts.

Dr John Ferguson

He is a member of the royal Australasian college of surgery.

He performs surgery on both adults and paediatric patients and has operated privileges in both public and private hospitals.

His general orthopaedic training was completed under the auspices of the NZOA and his fellowship training in research and clinical surgery occurred in North America under the tutelage of Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, John Smith and James Ogilvy, Laurence G Lenke, and Thomas E Lowe.

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Olivia Yarrell

As the practice manager, Olivia is essential to ensuring all our patients receive the highest quality of care. At our practice this means from the first enquiry about an appointment right through the full recovery process. Olivia assists Dr Ferguson support patients to successfully recover from their surgery.

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